How to Experience Anti-Aging Benefits with Exercise

One little 92 year old lady was in a wheel chair unable to walk. I decided to do an experiment and see if I could help her. I hate to see people decline. After working out with an exercise system of weights and pulleys, she was much stronger and actually became capable of walking. Now, if exercise could help someone in her 90’s like her, just think what it can do for you.

How did this happen? It happened by enabling her to build up her muscles. So, she changed her fat-to-lean ratio. Of course she had very little in the way of fat, but, by building up her muscles she still improved her fat to lean ratio.

Muscle building equates to improving your Bio Markers of Health (or Aging) In other words, exercise is Anti-Aging. It is like you literally turned the clock back.

If a person is in a wheel chair and unable to lift their selves up and walk, and now because of exercise they are able to walk, they are turning the clock back to when they were walking. How wonderful is that? This is only one example of how exercise is anti-aging.

When May I Begin To Exercise?

You may exercise at any age. Yes, you may begin your anti-aging program right now. You can’t start any younger.

No, I am not talking about 70 or 80 year olds doing a marathon or anything strenuous like that. If you just spend some time regularly doing some strengthening as well as some aerobics exercise and then don’t forget to stretch out. You will see and enjoy the anti-aging benefits. If you are older and you haven’t been walking to the mailbox you might just start there. Start small and then work up. Just don’t forget to keep doing more. You will need to make progress.

It does pay to exercise. Just think about staying independent longer. That would mean everything to someone looking at going to a nursing home.

Would you like to look and feel 8 or 9 years younger? Would you like to stay independent 8 or 9 years longer?

Plastic surgery cannot make your muscles younger or stronger, it can only help tighten up you face and lose some of the wrinkles. I am not saying not to get plastic surgery, but, whether or not you decide on plastic surgery be sure to exercise to get the full anti-aging benefits.

OK, so just what are the benefits of regular moderate exercise?

The Benefits of Regular Moderate Exercise

Regular Moderate Exercise Helps with:

  • Relieving insomnia
  • Relieving back and joint pain
  • Reliving stress and tension
  • Increasing sociability
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Increasing muscle tone
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Attaining a Healthy Weight or Size

These are just a few of the Anti-Aging Benefits you will enjoy by exercising. Also, for your own accountability find yourself an exercise buddy. Just think of the social interaction and enjoyment an exercise buddy provides. That is beneficial too.

How Do I Begin My Exercise program?

Be sure to check with your doctor first, especially if you haven’t exercised before. Most doctors want you to exercise.

My neighbor just joined our wonderful new Community Center to enjoy the exercise as well as the social aspects of it, and her doctor was happy to sign off on her program. She does have health issues, but, every body needs exercise.

You need to know if there are health issues you need to work around and how to do so. Your doctor might want you to begin slowly and then work up your exercise routine in a slow but sure manner.

Follow his instructions. It won’t be long until people are telling you how great you look.

It won’t be long until you will have more energy and strength to get the essentials done.

Then, later you just might just realize you are having fun, dancing, bike riding or doing some other fun activity you have wished you could still enjoy. These will also promote more social interaction with others.

It might not be long before you have your doctor cut a med down or off because you have turned the clock back, what a concept! That is Real Anti-Aging!


You don’t know if something is true or not by just reading material like this. These are just words. You do know if you try it out and prove it to yourself. So, do your own experiment.

Write down what you want to be able to do. They are your own goals. Make a complete and detailed list and put it a journal. Then make a chart of exercises including: what, when, how long and how intense you will workout. Either post your chart on the wall or put in your journal. Be sure to begin slowly, then work your way up.

What type of goals you ask? Would you enjoy sleeping like a baby like when you were younger? List sleep. Would you like to move without pain, list pain by area. Would you like to have more strength? List strength and then rate it now, and rate it later. Would you like it if your body was more toned? Measure yourself and then re-measure once a month. . I think you get the idea.

Just list what is important to you.

As you do your exercise check it off on your exercise journal.

In one month go through your list of goals, and rate how you are doing. Go through each item on your list and rate them all separately. Each month after that do the same and rate how you are doing on each one of your goals. As you see your results you may want to tweak your exercise program to get even better results in certain areas. Have fun with it, it does work, but first you must work.

In a few months you will prove to yourself if exercise is anti-aging to you or not.

I hope you enjoy your results.