Healthy Lifestyle

Achieving A Healthy Lifestyle: Is It Possible?

Does it seem impossible to achieve, and maintain, a healthy lifestyle? Does it seem that when you strive to become healthier, something prevents you from remaining true to your goals?

Do you feel you don’t have the energy to work at becoming healthier because life is too busy, and you just manage to get through the day as it is?

I feel for you. I’ve been where you are, but I have good news for you. Though it is possible to maintain, or improve, your health, though more work, determination, and stamina are often required of you, the rewards are worth it! You’ll feel the positive difference in your life!

Eating Well-Balanced Meals

You must eat well-balanced meals. Food guides were created to educate you on the amounts of food required each day to be healthy. It’s important to follow its guidelines.

Where fruits and vegetables are concerned, be sure to eat a variety of colors since each different color represents different antioxidants which your body needs to stay healthy; if you eat only grapes, you’ll never have the benefits which strawberries and pears offer. If you eat only potatoes and carrots, you’ll never reap the wonderful benefits of broccoli.

Study nutrition labels. When you see foods high in saturated and trans fats, sugars, and sodium, avoid them whenever possible. Look for foods with a higher intake of iron, potassium, calcium, and fiber. Keep in mind that percentages are relative; a product that provides 12% of the daily recommended intake of fiber is a good source of fiber. However, if it has 12% of the recommended daily allowance for Calcium, it will be OK but, unless it reaches 30%, per serving, it won’t be anything to brag about.

Are You A Diabetic?

Sometimes we receive great recipe ideas from friends, family members, and TV shows. There are also times we hear snippets of conversation others are having or hear clips from a radio program about a favorite recipe someone had. Whatever the source, sometimes it’s nice to just sit down with a recipe book and have something tangible we can refer back to if we forget a crucial ingredient.

Keeping Fit

Exercising daily improves all aspects of your health. Exercising forces your heart to pump blood throughout your body at a faster rate which helps keep your heart strong and healthy. Believe me – you don’t want your heart to become lazy as it does in people who develop poor eating habits, who place exercise at the bottom of their list of priorities.

Also, as blood pumps through your body, it seems to have a renewing effect on your mind. You feel younger, stronger, and better equipped to deal with life’s situations. It greatly reduces stress levels, improves your state of mind, and allows you to feel, even for a little while, that you can conquer the world and anything it throws at you.

Wouldn’t you love to feel this good? If so, start exercising. You don’t need to take up jogging or pay expense fees at fitness clubs. Go for a brisk walk each day. Take your family swimming or sledding a couple of times a week. Kick a ball around the yard, rake the grass or shovel the snow. Place a basketball hoop on the side of your house or turn your den into a dance/aerobics studio twice a week.

The ideas are endless; the important thing is to act upon incorporating exercise as part of your daily, or even bi-daily, routine.

Adequate Rest and Sleep

Sleep provides your body with much-needed energy to carry on daily functions. Without proper rest, you are more stressed. You can’t learn as well in school, nor can you perform your job as well as you would like. In addition, sleep deprivation affects your thought processes, reflexes, and reactions, and even your outlook on the future and life in general. It also affects the way you treat friends, co-workers, and family members.

Your body’s immune system is strengthened during sleep, helping you fight infections and diseases more easily. When you get an adequate amount of sleep and relaxation, overall, you will feel healthier and more vibrant on a daily basis. Yes, even on your worst days, you fare better when you are fully rested.

For adults, you should try your absolute best to get at least seven to eight hours of rest per day, and, hopefully, most of those are spent sleeping. If you can catch an additional couple of hours to read, watch TV, spend time relaxing with your family, among others, it is even more to your advantage.

Essentially, your body will turn against you if your mindset continues to go, go, go…so slow down the pace a little and take time for you; take time to rest and relax – and don’t feel bad about it. You are doing yourself a favor while enhancing your quality of life.

Eliminating Addictions

Eliminating nicotine, alcohol, and drugs will help reduce stress on all levels. Your body won’t continue to crave substances that affect your nervous system, especially when such addictive substances are unavailable.

Reducing caffeine also helps reduce the level of anxiety a person feels in many situations.

Gambling is another major addiction that has the potential to destroy your family.

This may not even cross your mind, but your addiction to requiring the latest styles of clothing/shoes and your addiction to needing the newest computers or electronic gadgets can wear you down because you never feel satisfied with what you have!

Though it seems difficult to work towards – and maintain – a healthy lifestyle, the rewards are worth it. You’ll feel better in all aspects of your life, and people will begin to feel better around you.