Can We Win the War Against Cancer?

So how do we start? I firmly believe that old saying, which is: ‘An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.’

So, since it is so much more cost-effective than fighting it after we are sick, let’s work at preventing cancer now – especially if we have the time.

We know the statistics on getting cancer is one is three. Or at least it was when last time I checked. So, let’s get to work.

Prevention: Just how do we prevent cancer?

Diet, lifestyle, good nutrition-including whole raw produce, getting plenty of clean oxygen deep into our bodies, sunshine-just the right amount, loving relationships, plenty of good clean water, glyconutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These are all significant elements that mean a good healthy foundation – which includes an excellent solid immune system. This healthy nutritional diet helps to build health from the cellular level and up. In this way, we are revving up our immune system naturally.

Strengthen Your Immune System

Have you ever questioned why one is resistant to colds that plague most people, even though that one has been presented to the very same environment? This is because that person has an active immune system.

Our immune system is our defense system. It is our army. The cells in our immune system eat and/or surround and destroy invaders such as bacteria, viruses, and cancer. It needs strengthening to do its job. It can become overworked and stressed to the point of even turning on itself, as in autoimmune syndromes, when it destroys its own good, healthy cells.

The immune system can operate effectively only if it is supplied with optimal nutrients. Glyconutrients, along with all other proper nutrition, as in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, help support and build a healthy immune system.


Exercise is good for so many things, here’s another:

Exercise may heighten the creation of natural killer cells. The evidence seems to show that some low to moderate levels of exercise are generally helpful in activating the immune system. Yes, that means that exercise may boost the production of natural killer cells.

I am not talking about training to run a marathon here. This is a discussion about moderate regular exercise to build the body, and yes, improve your immune system. Please do not think I am telling you to go overboard, and exhaust yourself by exercise. You don’t need that when you are fighting cancer, but you do need exercise.

Fix Health Issues While They Are Small

Be aware of your body’s needs. Don’t let small problems grow into significant health issues. They are much easier to handle when they are small. If you have a cold, take care of it – of you. Do not allow it to run you and your immune system down.

I know we felt like we were invulnerable (or immune) when we were young, but guess what, we are not. I take the nutrition I need as I go along. I don’t wait until I have developed stage 4 cancers, where I will need a full tub of glyconutrients per week to handle it. (At least I feel as if I am handling it. If I find out I do have it, I will be happy to take a tub a week to help me knock it out.)


Okay, you hear a lot about Glyconutritionals from me lately. There is an excellent reason for that. Research in the last few years has led to new and essential discoveries in regards to aiding our bodies with eight (out of over 200) essential sugars, or glyconutrients, or healing sugars. One major benefit is that eating optimally – a whole food nutrition diet is essential.

Glyconutrients are in the micronutrient category (you know, like antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins), which assists the body to perform the job of caring for our body effectively, and in building the immune system up.

We need to be using macro nutrition in our diet, such as Protein, Fatty Acids, Carbohydrates and fiber, Glyconutrients are in the Carbohydrates category – they are a form of sugar, but not the bad table sugar that harms health.

Glyconutrients are very important in our cellular system, and it is also super-necessary for brain function.

Organs of the Body

Just as with other parts of the body, we could not survive without our all-important organs. Our organs work very hard.

Our liver is so necessary and vital, as it is our cleansing machine. It filters or detoxifies thousands of poisons and chemicals from the body. We must care for it by not putting things into our bodies that will overwhelm it, so it is incapable of doing its job. What poison am I talking about? Such things as alcohol, smoking, burnt meats, excess sugar, chemicals that have been added to processed foods, and even in whole foods today.

Many glyconutrients have been studied for their cancer-fighting properties, and much has been learned about it so far. But, there’s much more to learn.


This material is by no means every tool needed to fight the war against cancer or any other illness-but it is a great start. We encourage you to be proactive in promoting your own Health and Vitality as well as those you love.

I hope you enjoy becoming healthier, not only for yourself but for your entire family too.